Starting April 3, parking at all AHS facilities will be free to health-care workers and the general public.

Many health-care workers and physicians are working from home and others need to work at a variety of sites. Removing parking fees and the need for parking passes will make these transitions easier.

The change will also reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread from touch screens and buttons at payment sites.

“Health-care workers and the general public should not have to worry about paying for parking in the midst of responding to COVID-19. Our government will provide whatever resources are needed to protect Albertans during the COVID-19 emergency.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

While parking will be free, visitors are asked to be respectful of spaces allocated for staff, including those for emergency use.

This temporary measure will mean an estimated loss of parking revenue of $7.6 million a month. Alberta joins British Columbia in announcing this decision. Other jurisdictions across the country are expected to follow shortly.

Quick facts

  • Parking violations, such as parking in fire lanes, will continue to be enforced
  • The temporary suspension will end once visitor restrictions are lifted.