One case is a male in his sixties who lives in the Edmonton zone, while the other is a woman in her thirties from the Calgary zone.

Both cases are travel-related and they are recovering in isolation at home with support from public health officials.

“I want Albertans to understand that our public health measures are doing precisely what they were intended to do: detect new cases and take immediate action. These individuals have been isolated and actions are being taken to prevent the infection from spreading. Given the global spread of COVID-19, it is likely that new cases will continue to be detected in the days ahead. While the current risk of exposure to the virus remains low in Alberta, this may change in the coming weeks.”

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health

“The health system is taking every available measure to respond to COVID-19. This is a very fast moving, constantly changing situation, but Alberta is working closely with the rest of Canada to protect the public health. I want to express my deep appreciation for the many health-care providers who are mobilizing to address the risks of COVID-19.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

The third presumed case of COVID-19 is a man who had recently been on a Grand Princess Cruise before returning to Alberta on Feb. 21.

The fourth presumed case is a close contact of someone who had recently travelled in Europe, including visits to Ukraine, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Public health investigations into these new cases have already begun. Close contacts are being identified and asked to self-isolate for 14 days. Health officials will actively monitor these individuals for symptoms during this time.

While the risk of catching COVID-19 within the province remains low at this time, Alberta continues widespread testing and aggressive public health measures.

All returning travellers are being asked to monitor their health and, if they experience symptoms, to immediately self-isolate and call Health Link 811. This applies only to returning travellers who are symptomatic with fever, or cough.

All Albertans are encouraged to visit for guidance around prevention, testing and other useful information.

Quick facts

  • The risk in Alberta is considered low at this time.
  • The most important measure that Albertans can take to prevent COVID-19 is to practise good hygiene.
    • This includes cleaning your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, coughing or sneezing into your elbow or sleeve, disposing of tissues appropriately, and staying home and away from others if you are sick.
  • Anyone who has health concerns or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 linked to recent travel should contact Health Link 811 to see if follow-up testing is required.