While the Local Authorities Election Act was reviewed and revised following local elections in 2017, government continues to receive feedback suggesting gaps exist in the legislation. As a result, government wants to hear from Albertans – including voters, elected officials, community advocacy groups and campaign volunteers – on how the rules can be improved to enhance transparency and participation in local elections.

“Albertans expect local elections to be fair, transparent and inclusive. This consultation will determine if and how we, as a government, can better meet these goals. While this will not be a wholesale review like the one in 2018, we are looking to Albertans for feedback on areas that can be improved before the next round of municipal and school board elections.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Municipal Affairs

Take the survey online

From Feb. 4 to March 4, Albertans can provide their feedback online at Alberta.ca about:

  • the length of campaign period
  • nomination process
  • campaign finances
  • third-party advertising
  • recall of municipally elected officials

Government will also hold focused discussions with representatives from municipalities and community advocacy groups.

Feedback may be used to inform potential changes to the legislation, which could be brought forward in a future session of the legislature.

Quick facts

  • The Local Authorities Election Act governs elections for cities, towns, villages, summer villages, municipal districts, counties, specialized municipalities and school boards.
  • Metis Settlements and irrigation districts also use the act to conduct their elections. This review, however, does not include parts of the legislation that pertain to Metis Settlements and irrigation districts.