“One in four Canadians are living with mental health challenges and more than a million of them are children. Fewer than 20 per cent of these children, however, are getting the treatment they need. The statistics are shocking, and the situation is desperate for families and communities as they support kids in crisis.

“There is hope. As Albertans well know, the only thing stronger than a crisis is the resilient courage of those who overcome it. This year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Find your brave.’ I can’t think of a more fitting theme.

“It takes courage for a vulnerable young person to ask for help. It takes even more courage to pursue long-term recovery. No less courageous are the families, friends and communities who remind every child that fighting mental illness doesn’t have to be lonely.

“No matter how dark things seem, comfort and healing are available. Kids, teens and post-secondary students have access to a growing range of provincially funded early interventions and supports that are so critical to their health and happiness.

“With courage and compassion, let’s continue to show our young people that they’re not broken, they’re not alone, and life-saving help is in reach.”