“I am pleased local and area residents now have improved access to addiction and mental health services with the launch of the new community crisis response team in Wetaskiwin.

“This team of community addiction and mental health clinicians with Alberta Health Services (AHS) will be on-call during evenings and weekends to consult with physicians and help patients who arrive at the Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre emergency.

“My thoughts are with the Wetaskiwin residents who lost housing following the recent fire. Please know there are supports available through the AHS Community Addiction and Mental Health office and after hours from the community crisis response team by visiting the emergency department.

“Our government is committed to improving access to mental health and addiction treatment and recovery supports across the province.

“The new team in Wetaskiwin highlights our commitment to improve our system of care by using existing resources more efficiently. We will continue to create new treatment spaces where they are needed, to ensure every Albertan who needs support can get it, no matter where they live.”