“The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the rule of law and put an end to the British Columbia government’s campaign of obstruction against Alberta energy. We are pleased that the court unanimously dismissed B.C.’s appeal of a 5-0 decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal, which ruled the B.C. government does not have constitutional authority to stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion through delay, uncertainty and the likely prospect of future litigation. By ensuring that B.C. must respect the federal government’s rigorous process in approving TMX, this outcome will have major ramifications for the project and its profound importance to Albertans and all Canadians.

“This is the decision we expected. British Columbia’s own top court was clear that the proposed law is ‘an… existential threat to a federal undertaking that is being expanded specifically to increase the amount of oil transported through British Columbia.’ The B.C. court’s decision was an affirmation of the unique economic union among Canada’s provinces.

“Building the TMX and ensuring a fair price for our natural resources will create thousands of new jobs and increased prosperity that will benefit the entire country. We are pleased with the decision by our country’s highest court and look forward to the continued construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”