“I was disappointed to hear that Moody’s has changed Alberta’s credit rating to Aa2 (stable) from Aa1 (negative) citing lack of pipeline capacity and inherited deficits.

“This decision shows how previous governments’ fiscal mismanagement and inability to gain market access for Alberta’s energy continues to affect our province.

“Over the past four years, the previous government drove Alberta into a fiscal crisis with policies that weakened growth and business competitiveness. That’s why balancing Alberta’s budget, growing the economy and creating jobs are our top priorities.

“Moody’s did provide Alberta with a ‘stable outlook’ and this is clear recognition that our plan to balance the budget has merit.

“We promised Albertans we would be transparent as we make fiscal changes and that’s what we did when we released Budget 2019. We released a credible plan to grow the economy and bring our budget to balance by 2022-23.

“I’m pleased to say that since introducing the budget just six weeks ago, many prominent economists and financial institutions have signalled that it, along with our policies to cut taxes and reduce red tape, are getting our province back on track.

“I stand behind our government’s plan and I am confident it is the right path forward for Alberta and for all Albertans.”

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