“Today, I was pleased to speak with federal Families, Children and Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen. We discussed the importance of working constructively on the National Housing Strategy to address the concerns of Albertans as they relate to affordable and accessible housing.

“In particular, I asked Minister Hussen to address the challenges in our bilateral agreements and focus on the larger outcomes we both seek: namely, affordable housing for our vulnerable populations, more affordable and seniors housing supply, reduced homelessness and a more financially sustainable housing system for the future.

“The National Housing Strategy Bilateral Agreement included a commitment from both governments to make important investments toward affordable and seniors housing in Alberta. Our government has made key unilateral spending commitments within a sustainable financial framework. In order to participate fully in the bilateral agreement and contribute to national targets and outcomes identified in the National Housing Strategy, all of these unilateral spending commitments must be eligible as provincial cost-match contributions under the agreement.

“The federal government must respect how, when and where provinces choose to spend our money in areas of core provincial jurisdiction.

“I also reiterated that our government will be a strong voice for Alberta in Ottawa and will continue to work toward a Fair Deal for Alberta within Canada, including moving Alberta forward in achieving a strong, sustainable affordable housing system that meets Alberta’s needs as Alberta determines them.”

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