Strengthening Alberta’s justice system

Minister Schweitzer announces increases to make the Government of Alberta the largest employer of articling students in the province.

“Albertans deserve a better justice system, one that protects them, their loved ones and their property. As part of our commitment to give the justice system the tools and resources it needs, we will be immediately doubling the number of articling students hired by the government. This measure is in addition to fulfilling our budget commitment to hiring an additional 50 new Crown prosecutors, and more articling students will allow our prosecutors to focus on higher-priority duties. It is one further step we are taking to strengthen our justice system.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

The Government of Alberta will also ensure that rural Albertans are better served by the justice system and will prioritize the placement of the new students in rural Alberta and smaller judicial districts. Positions will be held for students from rural Alberta who wish to live there and incentives will be offered to students who wish to stay working for the Crown in rural areas.

“Our government wants to ensure that we are the highest employer of articling students in Alberta so our law students do not leave for other provinces. We want to ensure that Alberta’s legal talent stays in Alberta and skilled Albertans have the opportunities to live, work and raise families here.”

Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Quick facts

  • Government articling students are law school graduates who gain practical experience performing some of the duties of Crown prosecutors.
  • These duties are conducted under the supervision of a Crown prosecutor.
  • Additional articling students will go a long way in giving Crown prosecutors more time to focus on more higher-priority files to make our justice system faster and more efficient.
  • The Government of Alberta currently hires eight articling students per year. The government is immediately hiring an additional eight more and will be increasing to at least 20 by 2021 – giving the government the largest number of articling students in the province.
  • Positions will be held for students from rural Alberta and others will be placed there. They will be offered incentives, including:
    • financial incentives under the government’s Premium Pay Directive
    • relocation expenses
    • a commitment to ensure students who complete their articles can remain as Crown prosecutors in the communities in which they articled