“The Government of Alberta asserts that Bill C-69 is a flagrant violation of the exclusive constitutional jurisdiction of provinces and territories to control the development of their natural resources.

“We are standing up for the long-term prosperity of our province, and for every Albertan and every Canadian who will be affected by this legislation.

“Bill C-69 will make it much harder, and maybe impossible, for any future pipelines and similar critical infrastructure projects to be approved in Canada.

“All of Canada relies on the 533,000 well-paying jobs our energy sectors provide – and when Alberta’s economy suffers, so does the rest of the country. Any impact on these jobs will be felt across the nation.

“Our government will continue to stand up to the federal government and will use every tool to prevent this from happening.

“Today, we launch our challenge against a piece of legislation that will have devastating impacts on Canadians. I look forward to Alberta’s interests being defended in court.”