The amendment would allow federal, provincial and territorial governments to independently remove unnecessary restrictions to internal trade.

The change will correct an oversight in the original CFTA that made it difficult for provinces to remove their own exceptions to increase free trade. 

At the Council of the Federation, Alberta announced it was dropping all exceptions on procurement in the CFTA. This amendment will make it easier for Alberta and other provinces to review and remove their own exceptions. The Government of Alberta hopes it will inspire other provinces to reduce their own barriers to free trade within Canada. 

“This government understands that internal trade barriers are essentially unnecessary red tape that makes it harder to invest, to create jobs and bring prosperity to communities across Canada. By signing Alberta’s support for this change, we are keeping our promise to not only reduce job-killing red tape, but also demonstrating leadership in the federation. We hope that other provinces join us in this common-sense move that will make life better for folks across the country.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

 The governments of both Ontario and Saskatchewan have also signalled their support to modify the CFTA, and join Alberta in encouraging other jurisdictions in Canada to take real steps to reduce or remove those internal trade barriers that obstruct the flow of wealth and goods across our country. 

“We are thrilled that Premier Ford, Premier Moe, Minister Fedeli and Minister Harrison have joined us in demonstrating a real commitment to lifting the undue burdens that create costs and distort the flow of goods in our country. Alberta is committed to ending interprovincial trade barriers, and the agreement at the Council of the Federation in Saskatchewan was a positive first step. We are thankful that the governments of Ontario and Saskatchewan have signalled their seriousness on this file by taking concrete steps to further reduce barriers that obstruct the flow of trade nationwide.”

Tanya Fir, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism