The change will ensure that more employer dollars are spent on the WCB’s core business, maximizing investment in benefits and services for injured workers and their employers. The reduced numbers will help to streamline the work done by the WCB Board of Directors, providing opportunity for more effective and efficient decision-making.

Erna Ference has been appointed chair of the board, replacing Grace Thostenson.

“I would like to thank the outgoing chair and members for their work ensuring injured workers and their employers are provided with respectful, fair and timely support. The new board chair, Ms. Erna Ference, is a current board member who has a diverse and rich background in workplace health and safety, the agricultural industry and fiscal management. We are excited to see great things under her leadership.”

Jason Copping, Minister of Labour and Immigration

While the board is smaller, there will still be the same proportion of employer, worker and public representatives. Instead of three board members for each group, there will be two.

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