“Today I gave direction to the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) that proposed changes to business signage requirements, as well as any other policy, bylaw or regulatory changes must first pass through my office.

“Our government has a mandate to cut red tape that creates unnecessary burdens for Albertans in their personal and business lives, and we are working hard to make sure Alberta is open for business and free of unwarranted red tape.

“That’s why I was so frustrated to see a government agency trying to dictate font size and logo placement to private-sector business, a change that would not have provided any benefit or service improvement to Albertans buying or selling their homes, while increasing costs to hard-working Albertans.

“We know that in recent years, Alberta has seen the amount of red tape grow, causing the province to earn failing grades from our partners in the fight to prevent mounting costs on businesses due to unnecessary changes in government regulation.

“In a time when we are actively working with the public, with businesses, and with different levels of government to reduce regulatory burdens, it is unacceptable that RECA would take steps toward implementing new red tape.”