As part of government’s commitment to relax liquor consumption in Alberta parks – and in time for Canada Day long weekend celebrations – 14 of the province’s day-use area picnic sites will permit liquor consumption with food.

“Another promise made and another promise delivered as our government continues to reduce red tape and end unnecessary prohibition-era liquor constraints.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

The select sites feature about 200 picnic tables between them, and are located in all regions of the province. All approved day-use area picnic sites will include signage indicating permitted liquor consumption from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We’ve committed to ending the war on fun in Alberta’s provincial parks. The vast majority of park users enjoy our natural spaces responsibly and our government believes in allowing adults to be adults. Happy Canada Day and, as always, please enjoy the province’s parks responsibly.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

Recently, in addition to ending the provincial parks’ liquor ban, government announced that regulations and policies have been clarified to ease approvals and support for event organizers hosting festivals in municipalities and provincial parks.

Relaxing liquor constraints supports government efforts to reduce red tape and ensure that regulations are rooted in sensible, evidence-based approaches.

Alberta Parks’ select day-use area picnic sites where liquor is permitted with food from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

South Region

  • Beauvais Lake Provincial Park (Beaver Creek day use)
  • Cypress Hills Provincial Park (East Elkwater day use)
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park (main day use)

Kananaskis Country

  • Little Elbow Provincial Recreation Area (Forget-me-not Pond day use)
  • Spray Valley Provincial Park (Wedge Pond day use)
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park (Hulls Wood day use)
  • Cobble Flats Provincial Recreation Area (Cobble Flats day use)

Central Region

  • Miquelon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
  • Pigeon Lake Provincial Park (main day use)
  • William A. Switzer Provincial Park (Kelly’s Bathtub day use)

Northeast Region

  • Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park (day-use C picnic shelter)
  • Beaver Lake Provincial Recreation Area (day-use picnic shelter
  • Whitney Lakes Provincial Park (Ross Lake day-use shelter)


  • Saskatoon Island Provincial Park (main day use)