This release was issued under a previous government.

The committee is studying Bill C-69, which would create a new, far-reaching impact assessment process for resource development projects, including pipeline construction.

“I am standing up for Albertans and for this province’s future prosperity. Ottawa just doesn’t get it. They don’t understand Alberta – and what this province contributes to the national economy and the well-being of all Canadians. I will make the case as clearly as I can that Bill C-69, in its current form, doesn’t work for Alberta. And, therefore, it does not work for Canada.”

Premier Rachel Notley

As well as speaking to the Senate committee, Premier Notley will make a formal submission outlining a number of proposed amendments to the current legislation, including those that seek to:

  • Exclude certain project types so that we can be assured that existing projects, pipelines and in-situ facilities are not subject to additional oversight.
  • Compel greater legislative certainty around the factors that must be considered in assessing a project.
  • Formally recognize our Climate Leadership Plan so that projects approved under it could be exempt from further environmental assessment.
  • Ensure the federal government is acting in the public interest as it evaluates potential projects, and that socio-economic benefits of a project are evaluated and considered.
  • Limit the federal minister’s discretion to add projects to the existing projects list. This would maintain clear lines between federal and provincial jurisdictions, and would ensure there isn’t duplication of the efforts or a serious stall in project approvals.

“Bill C-69 must be fixed – for the sake of our economy and our country. In Alberta, we are nation-builders. We contribute much to this country and we punch above our weight. We have done our part and we have worked hard for the benefit of all Canadians. I will never stop fighting for Alberta families, and I’m proud to be taking that fight right to Ottawa.”

Premier Rachel Notley