This release was issued under a previous government.

Supporting students with Type 1 diabetes

Minister Eggen, St. Albert MLA Marie Renaud, and Deanna and Nathalie Emberg announce Alberta’s new guidelines for supporting students with Type 1 Diabetes in schools.

The Guidelines for Supporting Students with Type 1 Diabetes in Schools are aimed at better accommodating the medical needs of students with diabetes. They complement existing policies, programs and resources provided by the Government of Alberta.  

“Children with Type 1 diabetes have unique medical needs and these guidelines are designed to help school authorities work with their health and community partners to address the medical needs of these students while they are at school. The guidelines will ensure greater consistency in how schools support students with this complex disease.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education

Diabetes is a significant public health issue in Canada and around the world. There are roughly 2,300 children in Alberta with Type 1 diabetes. It is likely that one or more students require support managing this disease while at school.

“We’re pleased to see progress made in protecting students with Type 1 diabetes from potentially life-threatening situations. We’re proud to have advanced this important issue thanks to the dedication of our volunteer parent and health-care professional advocates. We look forward to our ongoing work with the Government of Alberta to ensure the guidelines are fully aligned with our recommendations.”

Scott McRae, regional director, Diabetes Canada

“I see these guidelines as a positive step forward. My sincere hope is that these guidelines will point school authorities, parents and school staff in the right direction. Accommodating the needs of students with Type 1 diabetes by placing the child’s well-being at the centre of a system of support will work for families, children and schools.”

Deanna Emberg, parent and diabetes advocate