This release was issued under a previous government.

Dobrosky, a former Town of Oyen employee, pleaded guilty to one count of failing to monitor potable water in a waterworks system at random locations within the water distribution system. He was sentenced Oct. 24.

An agreed statement of facts says Dobrosky was the public works foreman for the town at the time and was responsible for the operation of the town’s drinking water distribution system, for which he held a restricted operator’s certificate from Alberta Environment and Parks.

The town’s registration required that random samples be collected from different points in the system to monitor the safety of the distribution system. A town official questioned Dobrosky’s collection methods. When challenged, he admitted to taking samples from a single location. Further, he had directed other town employees to only collect water samples from the same single location.

In addition to the fine, Dobrosky is prohibited from operating or having control of water or wastewater collection, treatment or the distribution system in the province in two ways.

  • For three years, pursuant to an order made under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, he must follow these conditions.
  • Additionally, for a period of two years, he is required to follow the conditions under a probation order.
  • Dobrosky, pursuant to the same types of orders, is also not permitted to be employed by or hold a controlling interest in any corporation or organization that owns a water or wastewater collection, treatment or distribution system in the province during that time.

Alberta Environment and Parks focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans enjoy a clean and healthy environment. The ministry enforces environmental regulations when individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation.