This release was issued under a previous government.

With this new contract, government completes a procurement process that began in 2016 to ensure SuperNet services continue for more than 3,300 public sector, Indigenous and municipal facilities in 429 communities province wide, while maintaining support for internet service providers (ISPs) and rural Alberta internet.

Transition of operations has commenced and SuperNet service will continue to be delivered without interruption.

“We know that the internet is not a luxury – it’s an essential service for families and key to building a modern, diverse economy. This new SuperNet contract ensures that Albertans will continue to have access to internet services in their schools, hospitals, libraries and public services. It also means that local internet service providers are able to keep us connected to the services we need. This is an important investment in our economy – broadband and internet access helps rural communities create good jobs, access services and retain talented Albertans. With a clear path forward, we are keeping people working and businesses investing in Alberta.”

Brian Malkinson, Minister of Service Alberta


  • Alberta SuperNet is a broadband network that connects to rural and urban communities in the province.
  • SuperNet is not the internet and has never directly provided internet to homes and businesses.
  • The SuperNet was built to connect public institutions – schools, hospitals, colleges, universities, libraries and municipal offices – to a broadband network.
  • Since its beginning in 2001, SuperNet has been available to ISPs so they can expand their own cables, radios and towers within a community to meet the need for internet.
  • ISPs use SuperNet to connect their own customers and community internet infrastructure to internet gateways in urban Alberta, without the need to build the expensive infrastructure back to cities like Edmonton and Calgary.