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Father’s Day: Statement from Premier Notley

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement wishing Alberta’s fathers a happy Father’s Day:

“As children, we look up to our dads – literally, and with our greatest esteem. They are the men who seem to know everything, the ones who challenge us to aim highest in our dreams and who defend and comfort us in our lowest moments.

“Our fathers show us that gentleness can be the greatest expression of strength, that humility is a towering virtue, that love finds its most powerful expression when it is quiet and constant and endlessly understanding.

“Every day in Alberta, fathers care for their children in and out of the home, and work to provide the best for them. Our government is proud to help them, and all parents, with programs like the Alberta Child Benefit, affordable child care pilots and new family-friendly workplace rules that protect jobs for those who need to care for a sick kid.

“Fathers recognize the good in us and help us find it in ourselves. They are our biggest fans, and it is a privilege to make them proud. I invite Albertans to show their gratitude and appreciation today to the men who helped raise them.

“Happy Father’s Day!”

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