This release was issued under a previous government.

The task force will work closely with business, labour and community leaders and provide the Premier and cabinet with their best advice to further defend Albertans.

Task force members include former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna, Former Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, former Syncrude Canada president Jim Carter and noted legal scholar Peter Hogg.

“In response to British Columbia’s unconstitutional attack on our energy industry and the Canadian economy, Alberta is preparing retaliatory measures. The new task force is made up of leaders with deep connections throughout the country and expertise on these matters. It will help ensure Alberta’s response gets Ottawa’s and B.C.’s attention.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

The Premier said Ottawa needs to step up and assert its authority to build approved intra-provincial economic infrastructure such as Trans Mountain.

“This is not a fight between Alberta and B.C. This is B.C. trying to usurp the authority of the federal government and undermine the basis of our Confederation. Ottawa needs to say clearly and unequivocally that B.C.’s actions won’t stand. Sadly, B.C. decided to pick this fight with the country. No one wants it and it could end tomorrow, but as long as B.C. continues, Alberta will fight for jobs in Alberta and speak up for a Canada that works.”

Rachel Notley, Premier

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