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The annual Legislative Agriculture Chairs (LAC) Summit brings together provincial agriculture ministers and U.S. state legislators to examine issues that affect the North American agriculture sector including trade, legislation and policy.

“Developing and maintaining trade relationships is vital to the growth and success of agriculture in Alberta. The U.S. export market is worth $4 billion to Alberta’s producers, and free trade has helped create a system that benefits farmers in both our countries. We must continue to connect, consider and discuss both the diversity of our perspectives and our shared goals.”

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

The summit agenda also includes discussions on rural development, housing and schooling, local food systems, water quality, infrastructure, and technology, research and the rural economy.

The estimated cost for travel, meals, accommodations and hosting costs for Minister Carlier, one political staff member and one department official is $13,109.

Itinerary for Minister Carlier*

Jan. 5:

  • Travel from Edmonton to Kansas City, MO

  • State Agriculture and Rural Leaders (SARL) dinner and delegation meeting

Jan. 6:

  • LAC Summit plenary sessions / Minister Carlier will address the U.S.-Canada delegation

Jan. 7:

  • Federal issues plenary session and SARL board meeting

  • Travel from Kansas City, MO, to Edmonton

*Itinerary is subject to change

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