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The Conference Board of Canada estimates the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project will create 15,000 construction jobs and 37,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs per year of operation. The project has approval from the federal and British Columbia governments, but continues to face local and legal challenges.

"There is not a school, hospital, road or bike lane anywhere in the country that doesn’t owe something to oil and gas. Pipelines are just as critical for jobs and economies across the country as they are for Alberta, and to stifle the oil and gas industry would be economically negligent. I will continue engaging with people across the country until this project becomes a reality, making life better throughout Canada."

Rachel Notley, Premier

The Premier’s speaking tour will begin at the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto on Nov. 20. She’ll speak to the Economic Club of Canada on the 21st in Ottawa, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce on the 24th, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade on Nov. 30 and the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 7.

Premier Notley will offer Alberta’s perspective on the pressing need to open new markets for Alberta’s energy products through the twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline – a project that is critical to the national economy. She will provide an update on Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – the most comprehensive in North America – and speak about how Alberta is effectively promoting jobs and economic opportunity with meaningful environmental action.