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These conditions are threatening the health of Alberta’s fish populations and anglers should follow safe handling procedures related to catch-and-release fishing to minimize fish mortality.

While anglers should always be mindful of river conditions and follow regulations, they should exercise additional caution when fishing in zones along the Eastern Slopes (zones ES1 and 2).To minimize risk to fish in these zones, anglers are encouraged to:

  • fish in stocked ponds and lakes
  • fish between midnight and 2 p.m.
  • minimize handling time and release fish as quickly as possible

Alberta Environment and Parks manages angling-related risks to fish during low-flow events. It monitors stream conditions and may implement angling restrictions if necessary.

Anglers are encouraged to download the Alberta Rivers app to get up-to-date information on flows and advisories for basins in their area. Anglers are also advised to visit the MyWildAlberta website for information on changing water conditions.