This release was issued under a previous government.

Playground grants for new schools

Premier Notley, Minister Eggen and Minister Miranda announce the playground grant program at Vista Heights School in Calgary

The $20-million program will apply to all new schools with kindergarten to Grade 6 programs announced between 2014 and 2018. Replacement schools approved in 2017-18 are eligible if the school is being built on a new site without an existing playground.

“We know that playgrounds not only benefit the students who get to use them, but they serve the community as a whole. They are hubs where parents and children meet and play together. Our government believes playgrounds are extremely important to local communities and that is why we are funding them to make life better and more affordable for Albertans."

Rachel Notley, Premier

More than 50 previously announced school projects across the province are currently eligible for the playground grant funding. Should additional schools be announced in 2018, those schools would also be eligible. Alberta’s Capital Plan commits $20 million over the next four years towards school playgrounds.

“Building a playground at the same time as a school is being built just makes sense. I am proud that our government is working to protect and improve education, and this includes the interactions and activity that students take part in outdoors.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education

“Playgrounds are an essential part of all students’ school experiences. Our children deserve safe, outdoor play areas that encourage engagement while they learn and develop their physical and social skills during free time and recess. I’m happy the province is committing more resources to playgrounds, and I would really like to see an even greater commitment to playgrounds in the future.”

Justin Murray, parent and member of the Vista Heights School Council and Parent Enhancement Society

Should a school community wish to build a playground that costs more than the $250,000 provided, they will have the option of fundraising to supplement the project. New schools that receive the Education playground grant will not be eligible for other provincial grants that support playground construction.

If a community wants to upgrade or replace an existing playground, they are able to apply for the Community Facility Enhancement Program grant offered through Culture and Tourism.