This release was issued under a previous government.

The survey, along with a series of stakeholder engagements, will help guide how Alberta will adapt to proposed federal legislation that would legalize cannabis by July 2018. Albertans are asked to visit to learn more about cannabis legalization and participate in the survey, which will run until July 31, 2017.

“I encourage everyone to share their views on this issue as we develop a Cannabis Framework that works for our province. Feedback from Albertans is an important part of the process. Our priorities are to keep profits away from criminals, keep cannabis out of the hands of children and protect Alberta’s roads and workplaces.”

Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

In April, the federal government tabled proposed legislation which would legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis. The Government of Alberta has committed to engaging with Albertans. The online survey is designed to gather input on:

  • Alberta’s cannabis goals
  • purchasing cannabis
  • using cannabis in public
  • setting the legal age
  • protecting roads and workplaces
  • economic implications and opportunities

The government will also be conducting stakeholder roundtable meetings, sector-specific meetings and surveys at public events across Alberta.

Once the public and stakeholder engagement is complete, the input will be used to help form a Cannabis Framework, which will outline proposed next steps for Alberta.  Albertans will have another opportunity to provide their feedback on the framework and the direction government will take.

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