This release was issued under a previous government.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with Alberta’s forest workers, their families and communities that rely on a strong forest industry.

“Our government is working closely with the federal government and our forest industry to defend Alberta jobs and fair market access.

“Together with affected provinces and Ottawa, we are developing plans to help support Albertans in addressing the possible impacts of a prolonged trade dispute.

“This is the fifth time since 1982 that the U.S. has investigated alleged Canadian lumber subsidies. In each case, international tribunals have ruled in Canada’s favour. We are confident we will prevail again. 

“We know that Alberta’s forest industry relies significantly on exports. That is why we are actively pursuing new markets outside the U.S. to ensure our products are sold around the world so we can continue diversifying our economy, creating jobs and making life better for Alberta’s forest communities.

“We believe that a new and lasting deal is needed and we want to ensure that any deal supports our forest industry and the workers who support their families in this important industry.”

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