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Bridge-to-Teacher Certification

Minister Eggen announces changes to the Bridge to Teacher certification program at O'Leary High School in Edmonton

This program lets certified professionals teach career and technology studies in high schools while working to get their teacher certification. It is part of the government’s commitment to ensure that Albertans have the skills and training they need to succeed in a changing economy.

“This program will make lives better for these professionals who will have another career option to consider, for the students who will benefit from their expertise in the classroom, and for Albertans who will benefit from a better trained, more engaged workforce in the future.”

David Eggen, Minister of Education

Funding of $1.3 million is dedicated to the Bridge to Teacher Certification program this year, an increase of about $500,000. It provides living and education support to participants during their first year of teaching.

School authorities, such as Edmonton Catholic Schools, work with their communities to match local expertise with student interest and help bring professionals into the classroom to share their experience.

“Because of the support of our partners in industry, as well as government, our high school students can envision a successful future through the plumbing trades program we are starting at Archbishop O’Leary High School.”

Laura Thibert, Board Chair, Edmonton Catholic Schools

The Bridge to Teacher Certification program has prepared teachers across the province in 10 trades, including auto mechanics, auto body, baking, carpentry, culinary, cosmetology, electrical, welding/fabrication, heavy equipment operation and plumbing and refrigeration.

It’s expected that 24 tradespeople will complete the program in May and can begin teaching this fall.