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Supporting affordable child care for families

Premier Notley visits the Intercultural Child and Family Centre in Edmonton

ELCC Centres will offer almost 1,300 affordable, quality child care spaces. The pilot centres also respond to a number of gaps in the existing child care system, including affordability, diverse needs of children and flexible hours for parents.

“Too many parents have had the experience of struggling to afford quality child care for their kids. These Early Learning and Child Care pilot centres will allow us to explore how affordable, quality child care works to support children and families and how we can best expand this support in the years to come. Our government is focused on making life better for everyday families, and making child care more affordable is a key part of that work.”

Premier Rachel Notley

“When we drop our kids off at daycare each day we expect that they should be given the nurturing support they need to grow and thrive. Early Learning and Child Care Centres are all about ensuring that everyday parents can afford quality child care and giving children the best possible start in life.”

Danielle Larivee, Minister of Children’s Services

“All families need good-quality child care that is accessible and affordable, which is why this project is so important. We are thrilled that our Centre has been chosen as an Early Learning and Child Care Centre because it will mean so much to our families and staff, most of whom are new Canadians working hard to make lives for themselves and their families.”

Carole Massing, board chair, Intercultural Child and Family Centre, an Alberta Early Learning Child Care Centre

“Monthly expenses for child care can be very high. So the idea that the Alberta government is moving forward with accessible, quality care parents can actually afford is a great thing. I am hopeful that with these Early Learning and Child Care Centres, parents and their children will have all the benefits of accessible, quality child care at rates we can afford.”

Kyla Rutley, Edmonton parent

ELCC Centre applications were evaluated based on a number of factors, including space and job creation, flexibility, accessible locations and improvements to the existing child care system.

Some Early Learning and Child Care Centres are expected to begin operating as early as next month, with additional centres opening throughout the summer.

Quick facts

  • New Early Learning and Child Care Centres will offer 1,296 licensed and affordable child care spaces throughout Alberta.
  • Approximately 119 new child care staff will be hired to support the program.
  • An estimated 357 Albertans will be able to enter the workforce due to the availability of additional child care spaces.