This release was issued under a previous government.

“Black women and men have made, and continue to make, an important contribution to Alberta. From historical figures like Violet King, who became the first black person to graduate law in Alberta and be admitted to the Alberta Bar, making her also the first black female lawyer in Canada. Or figures like the legendary cowboy John Ware, or the pioneer families of Amber Valley, to those of African, African American and Caribbean origin who arrive every day to add their story to ours – we celebrate them all during Black History Month.

“As the 150th anniversary year of Confederation, 2017 is an excellent time to learn more about the black Canadian experience. From the early 1600s onward, there are many inspiring stories of courage and optimism. As these stories show, even in the face of prejudice and adversity, black Canadians never stopped believing in a better country for all of us.

“Please join me in celebrating Black History Month.”