This release was issued under a previous government.

The act ensures both veterinarians and veterinary technologists adhere to rules pertaining to registration, advertising, illegal practices and continuing education. It also creates a protected title for veterinary technologists who support veterinarians by caring for and assisting in the treatment of animals.

“Veterinarians and veterinary technologists play an important role in the care of our pets and animals. With these changes, Albertans can be confident that their animals are receiving the best care possible from veterinary professionals that are properly trained, provide safe and competent services, and comply with the highest professional standards.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

“The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association is pleased to have the Veterinary Profession Amendment Act in force, ensuring increased safeguards for Albertans accessing veterinary care. The association supports the increased engagement of technologists in governance, accountability of registered veterinary technologists through the complaints process, as well as updates to practice inspection standards that this bill provides.”

Dr. Darrell Dalton, Registrar, Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

These changes also:

  • allow veterinary technologists in Alberta to fully participate and vote on the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association’s governing council and disciplinary committees
  • ensure Albertans know they are dealing with qualified professionals  
  • require new and newly renovated veterinary clinics to pass inspection before opening for business

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association is one of 23 self-governing Professional Regulatory Organizations whose governing legislation is overseen by Alberta Labour. It governs both veterinarians and veterinary technologists under the Veterinary Profession Act.