This release was issued under a previous government.

Incident details

  • The site was in operation as a creosote treatment plant from 1924 to 1987.
  • 1510837 Alberta Ltd purchased the site from Domtar in 2010. The site is proposed for residential development.
  • An unapproved berm using contaminated materials from the site was constructed on the southern portion of the site designated as Parcel Y.
  • Contaminated materials in the berm were sampled by the Government and have hazardous waste characteristics.
  • The current site approval holders have not acted upon numerous requests since 2015 for characterization of soil materials and sampling results for the berm on Parcel Y.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

Under the order, the companies must:

  • submit a written sampling and delineation plan, prepared by an independent third party qualified environmental professional, for the constructed berm and area surrounding the berm on Parcel Y by January 10, 2017;
  • implement the approved sampling and delineation plan by, or under the supervision of, a qualified environmental professional certified to practice in the Province of Alberta, as authorized in writing by the Regional Compliance Manager; and
  • submit a remedial action plan by June 1, 2017, which addresses the constructed berm and any areas adjacent to the berm if hazardous waste or contamination above provincial criteria is found.