This release was issued under a previous government.

During June and July of this year, the panel invited people to share their perspectives on the workers’ compensation system. They received more than 1,900 completed questionnaires and written submissions, along with 67 workbook responses.

“Our government is committed to making sure the WCB provides fair compensation through a system that’s sustainable and affordable. I’m pleased with the engagement the WCB Review Panel has done so far and I thank them for their hard work and dedication to this process. I look forward to reviewing this report and seeing what Albertans have to say about the current system.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

“I want to thank all Albertans who provided their valuable feedback on our province’s workers’ compensation system. With your help, we will develop practical, meaningful recommendations to make our system work better for all Albertans.”

Mia Norrie, Chair, WCB Review Panel

The panel gathered feedback on:

  • the WCB claims process
  • WCB benefits
  • review and appeal of WCB decisions
  • WCB governance
  • prevention of workplace injury and illness
  • funding and financial sustainability

The panel held several sessions with injured workers to hear their experiences. Next, the panel will hold a session with members of groups who provided submissions during the engagement phase, as well as other safety associations. The panel is expected to deliver its final recommendations to government in the spring.