This release was issued under a previous government.

Vital Statistics and Life Events Modernization Act

The Act is transformative legislation that responds to Albertans’ expectations for modern service delivery and an inclusive, compassionate approach to major life events, such as births, marriages, legal changes of name, and deaths.

Changes would include:

  • clarifying that parents may choose any last name for their child
  • enabling a future online birth registration system that would save parents time and taxpayers nearly $460,000 over four years
  • respecting the dignity of represented adults by removing the requirement for a doctor’s letter to marry the person of one’s choice
  • preparing for a third marker on vital records for those who do not identify as male or female, making Alberta the first jurisdiction in Canada to amend its Vital Statistics Act
  • removing the outdated requirement of sex-reassignment surgery for a change of sex on birth records
  • increasing privacy protections for Albertans
  • reducing the burden on grieving parents of a stillborn child

“This legislation touches personal moments in every Albertan’s life. Modernizing the Vital Statistics Act is essential to delivering efficient public services and to building an inclusive and welcoming province that respects the rights of all Albertans.”

Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta

“These changes are an important acknowledgement of the principles and values that we share and are foundational to our own profession - recognition of the dignity of all persons, self- determination, social justice and inclusivity.”

Lynn L. King, Executive Director and Registrar, Alberta College of Social Workers

“This legislation is a huge step forward towards recognizing the dignity of people with disabilities to have the same rights as all Albertans - the right to love and to be in safe and happy, healthy relationships.”

Colleen Huston, Right to Love and the Disability Action Hall

“These legislative changes continue to advance Alberta into a modern and progressive future, which values the diverse identities and fundamental human rights of all Albertans. With these important changes, Alberta continues to be a national leader in supporting sexual and gender minorities and their families.” 

Dr. Kristopher Wells, Faculty Director, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta