This release was issued under a previous government.

The team developed the “Supporting Safe and Inclusive Lives” report after consulting with more than 2,000 Albertans across the province during the past year.

Within a mandate of proposing safety solutions, the report focuses on enabling safer lives in the community for persons with developmental disabilities, training and educating staff, accreditation standards for community service providers, and principles for interpretation and application of safety codes.

“An ongoing conversation is critical to promoting safety and inclusion for persons with developmental disabilities. On behalf of our government, I thank the Consultation Team, as well as the disability community, for their hard work and input. This report has government-wide implications, and we will continue to engage across ministries to build on the positive work that has been done to promote safer lives for persons with developmental disabilities at home, and in their communities.”

Irfan Sabir, Minister of Human Services

“The committee extends its thanks to the disability community, which actively engaged in the consultation and contributed to the development of this report. The good faith work of those involved genuinely listening to and respecting the community is appreciated. This was clearly demonstrated with government’s quick response in repealing the PDD Safety Standards Regulation in its entirety earlier this year. I believe there is a renewed, collaborative relationship between the disability community and government.”

John te Linde, PDD Safety Standards Consultation Team Chair