This release was issued under a previous government.

During the mission to Jalisco from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, Minister Phillips will be speaking to the conference about Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan and will meet with representatives from other subnational governments to build strategic relationships and explore opportunities for collaboration with Mexico and the United States.

“Over the past year, Alberta has taken the lead on climate action, both nationally and internationally. Our plan has us making decisive steps toward tackling climate change, diversifying the economy and protecting the health of Albertans. I look forward to sharing our successes and comparing strategies and best practices with other international leaders.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

Subnational governments are on the front lines of climate change. They see and deal with the impacts first hand. Alberta has taken a leadership position and is taking action to address these impacts ranging from eliminating emissions from coal-powered electricity generation (result in cleaner air and reduced healthcare costs) to constructing dams and undertaking watershed rehabilitation. 

While in Mexico, Minister Phillips will also recognize the renewal of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and the Secretariat of Environment and Territorial Development (State of Jalisco, Mexico) surrounding wildfire management.

First signed 13 years ago, this MoU allows for firefighter training and for exchange and resource sharing between Alberta and Jalisco.

“We are proud of the working relationship Alberta has with Jalisco and we are grateful for their help in times of need. As fire seasons continue to lengthen in duration and severity, this memorandum provides greater flexibility in wildfire operations and improves our ability to protect Albertans, communities and forests.”

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

Itinerary for Minister Shannon Phillips (subject to change)



Tuesday, Aug. 30

Travel to Guadalajara, Mexico

Wednesday, Aug. 31

Attend II Climate Summit of the Americas events and bilateral meetings

Participate in a roundtable meeting with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, “Advancing climate action through sub-national leadership”

Participate in a panel discussion on “North American Climate Legislation

Attend dinner for all governors, premiers and ministers, hosted by the Jalisco state government

Thursday, Sept. 1

Participate in Minister’s Plenary Session on climate change and biodiversity

Attend II Climate Summit of the Americas events and bilateral meetings

Signature of the declaration and news conference

Friday, Sept. 2

Wildland Firefighter MOU signing with Secretary Maria Magdelena Ruiz

Monday, Sept. 5

Travel to Calgary

Travel expenses to the Climate Summit of the Americas for the minister, her Chief of Staff and one department official are estimated to be $12,200.