This release was issued under a previous government.

Alberta companies interested in exporting to new international markets will get more support through the Alberta Export Expansion Package.

The package consists of three new programs with a total of up to $9 million in funding over three years.

  • With the Export Support Fund, eligible Alberta companies will get money to ease the costs of exporting to new international markets.
  • The Global Buyers and Investors Program will help export-ready companies connect with international investors by bringing business delegations to the province.
  • The Export Readiness Program will familiarize Alberta SMEs with the ins and outs of exporting and enhance their readiness for the export market.

“Alberta is a trade province and we’re setting Alberta companies up to succeed in the world market. When Alberta companies export their products and services around the world, it creates jobs and generates economic growth and diversification here at home.”

Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade

“Many of us Alberta SMEs have developed world-class skill sets, yet struggle with the cost and complexity of delivering this home-grown, hard-earned value abroad. Support from our province is crucial for us to overcome the risks and challenges of the export market and reap the rewards that follow. This is a win-win-win for SMEs, the Alberta government and all Albertans.”

Darryl Nelson, CEO of Nelson Environmental Remediation

“The key to long-term economic growth and diversification in Alberta is for companies to have the tools and assistance they need to expand into new markets. We want to see Alberta’s small companies become large companies and this program will help drive that success.”

Mike Holden, Chief Economist and Acting Vice President – Alberta, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

The Export Support Fund alone is expected to offer direct financial support to at least 240 companies by providing reimbursements for a select range of approved export activities.

The three programs complement the export services currently offered by the Government of Alberta, including Alberta’s network of 12 international offices which provide valuable market intelligence and advice. The new programs are also designed to supplement supports from the federal government administered through the CanExport program.

The new export programs are expected to launch in the fall of 2016, with applications for the Export Support Fund opening on October 1. For more about the Alberta Export Expansion package, please contact [email protected].