This release was issued under a previous government.

Government staff who earned more than $104,754 in the 2015 calendar year now have their compensation information posted online. The information also includes the most recent contracts for deputy ministers, senior officials and employees within the offices of ministers and the Premier who are above the earning threshold.

In addition, all of the approximately 150 agencies, boards and commissions are expected to publicly post their compensation by the end of the day, including universities.

“Our government has made significant progress to improve transparency and accountability for Albertans and their tax dollars. Today’s disclosure complements the important work underway with Bill 19 and is just one more step in ensuring public funds are being well spent.”

Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier

A consolidated database, similar to the Government of Alberta Employee Salary Disclosure, has also been established. It was created to include compensation information from the agencies, boards and commissions that are required to publicly disclose that information.

Quick facts

  • Public disclosure of compensation information for both Government of Alberta employees and public sector bodies is required under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, which was introduced and passed in the fall of 2015.
  • Contracts for all staff in the offices of the minister and Premier, including those under the $104,754 threshold, are available on a separate page. Please see the link in the “Related information” section.
  • Keyano College and Alberta Health Services in Fort McMurray have been granted an extension until September 30 because of the wildfires.
  • ATB Financial, the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) and the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) are exempt from this process, which is consistent with best practices in other public-sector financial agencies across Canada, including the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.
  • Compensation information must remain available online for a minimum five-year period.
  • Work is now underway to develop a new executive compensation framework which will apply to 27 agencies, boards and commissions as legislated under Bill 19 - Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Act.