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Fish Creek PP

Sikome Aquatic Facility in Fish Creek Provincial Park

The fees will allow Sikome to expand its capacity, upgrade facilities and extend the swimming season into early September.

Sikome has long been one of Calgary’s most popular summer attractions, a place to cool down with a swim or spend the day at the beach. In 2016, Alberta Parks will invest the new facility fees in consistent public access to the full lake, additional aquatic safety staff and a season that extends through Labour Day. Infrastructure investments will include interior and exterior renovations to buildings on site, including washroom and shower facilities.  

Since opening in 1978, Sikome Aquatic Facility has had only minor upgrades with many capital upgrades deferred. Over the years, the south side of the lake has been regularly closed to the public due to operating costs.

This year, with increased resources, the full lake will be accessible, improving the experience for visitors to Sikome, while ensuring an affordable and accessible summer outdoor experience for park users now and into the future.

Facility fees will range from $2 to $10 for a day pass, including the option of a family day pass at $10 for one or two adults with children living in the same household. Season passes range from $25 to $100 for a family pass for unlimited access. Group rates for day cares, day homes and day camps will also be available.

The new fee structure includes reduced rates for persons with disabilities and both the Cultural Access Pass and the Calgary Fee Assistance Card will be accepted at the gates.

Both group and individual day passes and season passes will be available for purchase online or at the Sikome north and south entrance gates.

Sikome Aquatic Facility attracts approximately 200,000 visitors annually over its three-month season. Its open-air swimming lake is surrounded by beach, lawn, a children’s playground, and change rooms. The lake is fed with filtered well water, and staffed by aquatic safety specialists.