This release was issued under a previous government.

Actions undertaken by Alberta Transportation will address safety concerns for passengers and drivers, and ensure a level regulatory playing field in areas of provincial jurisdiction between emerging ride-for-hire services and traditional taxis.

“Our plan ensures customers who use ride-for-hire services are safe, that the people who transport have the necessary skills and knowledge, and that there is insurance in place in the event of an accident.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

Action will be taken in three key areas

  • Insurance: by July 1, an interim insurance product that will provide adequate coverage to Uber drivers and their passengers will be in place. The interim insurance framework has been approved by the Superintendent of Insurance.
  • Licensing: all ride-for-hire drivers, including Uber, will continue to require Class 4 Driver Licences or better.
  • Police Checks: regulations will be amended to require all ride-for-hire drivers to have a police information check conducted by police.

These actions will apply to ride-for-hire drivers across the province, ensuring they operate under the same framework.

The Class 4 license is mandatory for commercial passenger transportation in most provinces in Canada. Currently in Alberta, the regulation exists for taxis and other passenger transportation services.