This release was issued under a previous government.

The Superintendent’s office recently reviewed Uber’s insurance policies and found significant issues with regulatory compliance. Albertans are at risk of not having access to insurance protection and accident benefits under Alberta law if using Uber’s ride sharing services, and potentially other ride sharing services as well.

Drivers using Uber ride sharing services may believe that Uber’s supplemental insurance provides the necessary coverage. This is currently not the case in Alberta.

Vehicle owners and drivers in ride sharing services should contact their insurance broker, agent or company to ensure adequate coverage for themselves and for the safety of others.

Passengers participating in ride sharing services should always ask for proof of commercial insurance coverage from their driver. If a passenger is riding with a driver who does not have adequate insurance, the passenger is at risk of not having access to automobile insurance protection, including accident benefits or any compensation for injuries they may suffer in the event of a collision.

The safety of Albertans is paramount. The office of the Superintendent of Insurance will continue to work with Uber on finding ways for the the ride sharing service to safely and legally operate in this province under current insurance legislation.

The Alberta government has established a working group, including the Superintendent of Insurance along with officials from the departments of Transportation, Service Alberta, Justice and Solicitor General, and Municipal Affairs to develop appropriate regulatory approaches for ride-for-hire companies in Alberta, including ride sharing services.

This regulatory regime will address issues of public safety and consumer protection, ensuring all ride-for-hire companies can operate on a level playing field.