This release was issued under a previous government.

Monitoring results show that stream flow levels have declined significantly below normal levels throughout the Upper Athabasca Region. When this happens, water withdrawals may increase stress to the aquatic ecosystem, including fish populations. As a result, water withdrawals needs to be restricted. 

Watercourses within the Upper Athabasca Region will remain closed for any new temporary diversion licence applications until flows improve. Current temporary diversion licences issued from watercourses are also suspended. These restrictions apply to licences issued by Alberta Environment and Parks.

Licencees with licences from surface water sources are encouraged to review their licences to determine whether there are minimum flow conditions that require them to reduce or cease water withdrawals at current levels, manage the water under their licences effectively, and reduce their water consumption. Those with questions regarding their licences are asked to contact their regional water office.

Alberta Environment and Parks staff will continue to monitor water levels and may consider initiating a more restrictive water management strategy if necessary.