This release was issued under a previous government.

The committee will be comprised of nine government MLAs and eight opposition MLAs.

“Albertans expect the rules governing their elections to ensure that the political process is all about citizens, and not about special interests. They have the right to know that every citizen – including those in the public service – is free to speak out about issues in government. And they expect clear rules governing conflict of interest.”

Premier Rachel Notley

“Wildrose proposed a careful review of these issues as a key element of our agenda for this new Legislature. I’m pleased to join the Premier in proposing this long-overdue review and renewal. We will have a lot more to propose and there will be many issues on which we disagree with this government. But, as I told the Premier when we met last week, where we can work together we should, in the best interest of all Albertans. It is hard to imagine a more important issue than protecting and renewing our democracy.”

Brian Jean, Leader of the Official Opposition

A motion will be presented to establish the special committee during the spring 2015 sitting of the Legislature, requesting a report within a year.