This release was issued under a previous government.

Seniors and low-income families and individuals in need will continue to have access to safe housing and shelter, and income support. Human Services is maintaining front-line services and staff for vulnerable Albertans. For seniors, a new low-interest Home Repair Loan Program will be introduced that is flexible and more accessible to cover the costs of home repairs and modifications.

“From children in poverty to our respected seniors, and for all the difficult life challenges that people can face in between, our government continues to provide caring and compassionate support to Albertans and families in need.”

Jim Prentice, Premier

“We are protecting services for vulnerable Albertans, with support that continues to be among the highest in Canada. We are also working to integrate programs and services at the regional level, so that decisions are made in the community, closer to the people who depend on our services.”

Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Human Services

“Our government will continue to provide seniors with the supports and services they need to live in dignity in the communities they helped build, and we will help ensure that vulnerable Albertans have access to a variety of affordable housing options.”

Jeff Johnson, Minister of Seniors

Budget 2015 Highlights

Human Services

  • No reductions to child care subsidies for low-income families, Family and Community Support Services and Income Support.
  • Accommodating growth for AISH and Persons with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Maintain support for youth, women’s and homeless shelters, Sexual Assault Services, and Michener Centre.
  • Maintain support for child-centred programs: adding three new Parent Link Centres bringing the total to 53, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder support networks, Family Support for Children with Disabilities.
  • To maintain front-line programs, funding is reallocated to core services by reducing administrative costs and finding efficiencies.


  • No reductions to the Alberta Seniors Benefit income support.
  • Continue to build new supportive living spaces.
  • Continue to upgrade fire and safety systems in government owned or supported housing.
  • Broader home repair loan program replaces limited grants.
  • Ministry program and administration efficiencies saving $3 million.