This release was issued under a previous government.

Amendments to the Vital Statistics Information Regulation will ensure it is consistent with the new change of sex provisions in the recently updated Vital Statistics Act.

Regulatory changes will also ensure that transgender individuals can have their gender identity reflected on their government-issued ID cards or driver’s licences, in addition to birth certificates.

“Our laws respect the rights of Albertans, and reflect the values of a modern society. These regulatory changes support those important goals.”

Stephen Khan, Minister of Service Alberta

Previously, in order to change the gender on a birth record, Albertans needed to provide two affidavits from two different physicians stating that the anatomical gender had changed through surgery.

**With these regulatory changes, transgender Albertans will need to submit a single affidavit as the applicant and a letter from an accredited physician or psychologist without reference to surgery. Other requirements will still apply.**

“These changes are a major step forward in supporting transgender individuals and their families. Removing barriers for some of our most vulnerable citizens represents progress in building a more inclusive, welcoming, and respectful province for all Albertans.”

Dr. Kristopher Wells, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services

Government made policy changes last spring to amend birth records. To date, 89 birth records have been amended, including eight for minors 12 years of age and older. There is a $20 government fee to amend a vital event record.

Over the past five years, other provinces have implemented similar changes to remove the requirement for surgery to change the sex on birth records.