This release was issued under a previous government.

“As indicated in the 2015 Sessional Calendar now available on the Legislative Assembly website, the spring legislative session will reconvene on Tuesday, March 10 for the continuation of the 3rd Session of the 28th Legislature. During the fall session, our government passed 10 pieces of legislation that demonstrated the steps we’ve taken to address Premier Jim Prentice’s five priorities while ensuring Alberta’s consumers are protected, and provincial legislation is harmonized, streamlined and current. Premier Prentice made good on his commitments to Albertans with the Respecting Property Rights Act, which hit the reset button and launched a new era of consultation on property rights in our province, and the Alberta Accountability Act, which saw important measures put in place to enforce the highest ethical standards for those privileged to serve Albertans.

“As we move ahead with our government’s agenda, the spring session will focus on stabilizing Alberta’s finances by way of a long term plan to offset the volatility of provincial revenue streams. While this means tough choices will need to be made in the coming months, Premier Prentice has been clear that critical services will not be undercut, and we will not balance our books on the backs of vulnerable Albertans. Our government will present a spring legislative agenda that reflects prudent and thoughtful leadership and ensures our government is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. While the date is not yet finalized, Budget 2015 is expected to be tabled by Finance Minister Robin Campbell by the end of March.”