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Kyle Fawcett, Alberta’s environment and sustainable resource development minister, is traveling to Lima, Peru from December 7 to 14 as part of the Canadian delegation at the annual United Nations’ Convention on Climate Change Conference. Political leaders, officials, researchers, environmentalists, and industry from around the world attend this conference to discuss collective action on the complex challenge of climate change.

“The world needs to know the great work we’ve done to combat climate change. At the same time, we know more can be done. This conference provides us the opportunity to share our successes, connect with other jurisdictions, and inform our future actions on climate change.”

Kyle Fawcett, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

From December 4 to 7, MLA Cal Dallas will represent Alberta at the Energy Council’s Global Energy and Environmental Issues Conference in Point Clear, Alabama. Dallas will promote Alberta’s strengths in energy regulation, with an emphasis on collaboration on clean energy technologies and climate change.

“This is important work that supports Alberta’s priority of opening new markets for our energy products. This conference provides opportunities for Alberta to demonstrate its commitment to responsible resource development and environmental leadership, as we continue to work with partners to address market barriers.”

Cal Dallas, Legislative Secretary for Intergovernmental Relations and MLA for Red Deer South

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a global issue that requires many solutions from jurisdictions all around the world, including here in Alberta. Collaboration and partnerships are key to combating climate change. These conferences help foster cooperation on an international scale.

Right now, Alberta’s story focuses on regulations, carbon pricing, carbon offset markets, technology investment and regional land-use planning. The government wants to add more chapters and can learn from others in areas like energy efficiency, transportation and adaptation.

Alberta is planning on releasing a renewed climate change framework by the end of this month.

The UN conference in Peru leads up to next year’s conference in Paris, France, which is set to have a legally-binding, international climate accord signed by all nations of the world.

The Energy Council is a Texas-based legislative organization whose membership comprises legislators from energy-producing jurisdictions. The work of the Energy Council is undertaken primarily at four conferences that are held quarterly in different locations in Canada and the United States.

In November 2014, MLA Dallas was appointed to the Energy Council executive and to the Center for Legislative Energy and Environmental Research Board, which is the organization’s research arm.


Itinerary for Minister Fawcett*



Sunday, Dec. 7

Arrive in Lima, Peru
Meeting with Canadian Embassy

Monday, Dec. 8

Attending conference seminars, such as:

  • Innovation and investment
  • North American sub-national collaboration on climate change
  • Mexico’s climate change policy

Attending traditional ecological knowledge reception hosted by the Government of Canada

Tuesday, Dec. 9

Attending conference seminars, such as:

  • The energy sector and the 2015 agreement
  • Reducing short-lived climate pollutants

Wednesday, Dec. 10

Attending conference seminars, such as:

  • Carbon emission trends
  • Education and communication as cornerstones for effective climate action
  • China’s emissions trading program
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat

Meeting with Quebec’s minister of sustainable development

Thursday, Dec. 11

Attending conference seminars, such as:

  • Market mechanisms in the 2015 agreement
  • Information and communications technology to reduce energy use

Meeting with British Columbia’s environment minister
Meeting with Canada’s environment minister

Friday, Dec. 12

Attending conference seminars, such as:

  • Russian climate policy goals

Saturday, Dec. 13

Free day to accommodate travel

Sunday, Dec. 14

Arrive in Edmonton

*Itinerary subject to change without notice.
**Meetings with key markets are being pursued.

The estimated cost for Minister Fawcett and his chief of staff, including travel, accommodation and meals is estimated at $14,100.

Itinerary for MLA Dallas



Thursday, Dec. 4

Travel from Edmonton to Point Clear, Alabama

December 4-7          

Attending conference seminars, such as

  • Providing power for a globally competitive economy
  • North American crude oil outlook
  • The water/energy nexus
  • Deepwater Gulf of Mexico impacts
  • Fracking policy issues
  • Agricultural biofuel technology

Sunday, Dec. 7

Arrive in Edmonton

The estimated cost for MLA Dallas, including travel, accommodation and meals, is $2,500.