This release was issued under a previous government.

“The Energy East Pipeline represents a true nation-building project. Today’s application for approval is a significant step towards getting full market value for Canada’s resources, and will help the country realize its economic potential."

“Not only will it connect the oil resources of western Canada with refineries in eastern Canada and to global markets, it will connect Canadians by creating jobs and supporting businesses from coast-to-coast. Energy East will also improve Canada’s self-reliance by significantly reducing the amount of oil that we import.

“Energy is a unifying theme across Canada, whether it be oil, hydroelectricity or other forms. And for Canada to prosper, this energy needs to get to markets. Alberta supports all safe and viable options to diversify and expand market access for Canada’s resources. 

“We respect the National Energy Board hearing process and have full confidence that the panel will make its decisions based on science and factual evidence.”