This release was issued under a previous government.

Today, notice was given to the Speaker that the current session of the Alberta Legislature will be prorogued and the government wishes to begin the third session of the 28th Legislature on November 17. The fall sitting will start later but will last the same number of days as previously scheduled.

“A new Premier brings a new vision and direction for Alberta. We will start the fall sitting of the Legislature with a Speech from the Throne to outline the Prentice Government’s agenda to address the priorities of Albertans. Premier Prentice has told Albertans that members of Cabinet who are not currently MLAs will seek seats in by-elections so they can represent Albertans and the government in the Legislature – he will make good on that promise and details regarding the by-elections will be available soon.”

Diana McQueen, Government House Leader

Prorogation brings to an end all business and legislation on the Order Paper before the Legislative Assembly. This includes the Public Sector Pension Plans Amendment Act (Bill 9) and the Employment Pension (Private Sector) Plans Amendment Act (Bill 10). Bills 9 and 10 will not be reintroduced under the Prentice government.