This release was issued under a previous government.

The Prentice Cabinet is smaller, more efficient; more focused and better able to defend the interests of the people of Alberta. Premier Prentice and Cabinet will meet for the first time immediately after the swearing-in. 

“As of this moment, Alberta is under new management. This is a new government with new leadership, new voices and a new way of doing things. Today and in the days and weeks to come we will take strong and decisive action to bring real and tangible change to the way in which Alberta is governed,” stated Premier Jim Prentice.

The new Cabinet has 16 Ministers and three Associate Ministers, in addition to the Premier, down from the 19 Ministers and 10 Associate Ministers that were sworn-in on December 6, 2013.

The leadership team for Alberta's new government balances experience and fresh ideas. The Prentice Government is moving quickly to change and better serve the people of Alberta and their future by:

  • Assembling a Cabinet team with strong new voices to move Alberta forward.
  • Introducing tough new rules to put an end to entitlements and repair the bond of trust between the people and those who represent them. This will include the introduction of the Accountability Act in the fall session.
  • Bringing new leadership and significant reform to the civil service.
  • Bringing a new approach to how we operate within Canada and around the globe.
  • Bringing a new focus to the priorities of Albertans, especially as it relates to key public services.

The Premier and members of Cabinet who are not sitting MLAs will seek seats in by-elections. The Fall session will begin with a Speech from the Throne after the legislature is prorogued, and the Premier will introduce his property rights legislation as Bill 1, followed by the Accountability Act.

Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, His Honour, Colonel (Retired) the Honourable Donald S. Ethell, administered the oaths of office. Premier Prentice was joined by representatives from First Nations, as well as several faith-based communities from across Alberta.  

The following tables list the new Cabinet in order of precedence:

Minister/Associate Minister

Ministry, Responsible for

Jim Prentice

Premier, President of Executive Council, Chair of Agenda and Priorities

International and Intergovernmental Relations

Aboriginal Relations

Robin Campbell

Finance, President of Treasury Board

Stephen Mandel


Diana McQueen

Municipal Affairs, Government House Leader

Frank Oberle

Energy, Deputy Government House Leader

Gordon Dirks


Manmeet Bhullar


Verlyn Olson

Agriculture and Rural Development

Heather Klimchuk

Human Services

Kyle Fawcett

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Jonathan Denis

Justice and Solicitor General, Deputy Government House Leader

Jeff Johnson


Don Scott

Innovation and Advanced Education, Deputy Government House Leader

Maureen Kubinec

Culture and Tourism

Wayne Drysdale


Stephen Khan

Service Alberta

Ric McIver

Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

Teresa Woo-Paw

Associate Minister of Asia Pacific Relations (Reporting to the Premier)

Naresh Bhardwaj

Associate Minister of Persons with Disabilities

(Reporting to the Minister of Human Services)

David Dorward

Associate Minister of Aboriginal Relations (Reporting to the Premier)

In addition to the members appointed to Cabinet today, Premier Prentice named the following individuals to their roles and responsibilities:

Government Whip and Caucus Chair (non-Cabinet position):

  • George VanderBurg

Legislative Secretaries (non-Cabinet positions):

  • Sohail Quadri, Legislative Secretary to the Premier (Reporting to the Premier)
  • Pearl Calahasen, Legislative Secretary, First Nations Education and Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour (Reporting to the Premier and the Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour)
  • Rick Fraser, Legislative Secretary, Ambulance Services (Reporting to the Minister of Health)
  • Cal Dallas, Legislative Secretary, Intergovernmental Relations (Reporting to the Premier)

Senior Advisor (non-Cabinet position):

  • Doug Horner, Senior Advisor to the Premier on Internal Trade and Federal and Provincial Relations

Department Changes

The Department of Seniors has been created to provide dedicated political and departmental leadership to supporting those Albertans who built this province. Minister Johnson and his department will focus their efforts on visiting and consulting seniors across Alberta. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring Alberta has a strong and effective elder abuse strategy in place that focuses on awareness and prevention. 
  • Collaborating with Health and Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions to develop and implement initiatives to raise the awareness of Albertans of effective proactive approaches to brain health and prevention of cognitive decline.
  • Addressing the fire code and safety issues surrounding existing seniors accommodation in Alberta.
  • Leading the renewal and renovation of the ASLI program to increase the number of units under development, including new partnerships with Alberta's faith communities.

Continuing to improve Alberta's quality of life is one of the top five priorities for the Prentice Government. Recognizing the many areas of interconnectivity, functions from the former Tourism, Parks and Recreation ministry will be integrated into other ministries. The tourism function will become part of the new department of Culture and Tourism, and parks and recreation will become part of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Working together, these new teams will collaborate on strategic approaches to supporting the high level of quality of life Albertans enjoy.

Government Committee Membership

Treasury Board

  • Robin Campbell - Chair
  • Kyle Fawcett - Vice-Chair
  • Diana McQueen
  • Frank Oberle
  • Gordon Dirks
  • Manmeet Bhullar
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Stephen Khan
  • Ric McIver
  • Pearl Calahasen
  • Cal Dallas
  • Everett McDonald
  • Richard Starke

Agenda and Priorities

  • Jim Prentice - Chair
  • Robin Campbell - Vice-Chair
  • Stephen Mandel
  • Diana McQueen
  • Frank Oberle
  • Gordon Dirks
  • Manmeet Bhullar 
  • Verlyn Olson
  • Heather Klimchuk
  • Kyle Fawcett
  • Jonathan Denis

Operations Committee

  • Stephen Mandel - Chair
  • Diana McQueen - Vice-Chair
  • Robin Campbell
  • Frank Oberle
  • Manmeet Bhullar
  • Jonathan Denis
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Ric McIver
  • George VanderBurg
  • Linda Johnson
  • Jason Luan
  • Everett McDonald

Note: Online version corrected Sept 15 at 3:15pm. Parks and recreation will become part of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.