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Lifejacket Loaner Station Program

Running on the honour system, the Lifejacket Loaner Station Program offers free, day-use lifejackets to parks visitors.  The program is supported by the Alberta government and the Lifesaving Society.

There are 18 kiosks in 17 locations across the province, including a new one at Sylvan Lake Provincial Park and a second kiosk at Fish Creek Provincial Park.

“Sometimes people arrive and realize they’re one lifejacket short or one’s too small or they’re not in the proper condition. The lifejacket loaner stations provide the opportunity to grab a lifejacket from the kiosk and return it when they’re done.  No one should be in a boat without a lifejacket.”

Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation

June 7-14 marks National Water Safety Week, and Alberta Parks is partnering with the Lifesaving Society to promote water safety through information and awareness.

According to the Canadian Red Cross, about 400 Canadians drown each year – 70 per cent of whom “knew how to swim.”

Lifejacket loaner stations serve as a visual reminder and increase awareness about the importance of wearing lifejackets when enjoying the water.

18 kiosks in 17 locations